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Top 4 Reasons for IoT to Rise as a Smart Hospitality Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

IoT is transforming the way products, and services deliver value in the hospitality sector and redefining the guest experience by rendering hyper-personalized services.

FREMONT, CA: The hospitality industry has long been at the forefront of embracing innovative technologies and evolving to meet changing consumer needs and set new expectations for a home away from home. The key to this transition is the internet of things (IoT), a critical driver of business growth for enterprises. Below are applications IoT can provide to the industry.

• Data on Customer behavior

IoT offers information about the customers, including their routines, preferences, purchase patterns, and more that is otherwise not available. The inclusion of IoT in hospitality working processes allows them to know their customers more and anticipate to their needs, providing products and services that respond to their particular situations. This analytics also boost the creation of new business models.

• Process optimization

IoT is a great resource to integrate ERP and CRM to the internet. Integration makes it easier and faster to send quotes, manage inventory, control paid and unpaid invoices, among other critical business management operations in hospitality. In that way, hotel staff can focus on more complex tasks to grow business, acquiring more customers, and keeping the current customers happy.

• Customer engagement and Connectivity

Better connectivity to the guests with hotel amenities can be provided with IoT. It can also send custom-tailored recommendations to the guests according to their interest and can improve the existing in-room entertainment by providing better connectivity. The location-based suggestions and interactions are now going digital with IoT, making it easier to deliver more valuable information to guests. When the hospitality industry embraces IoT more closely, hotels can improve the guest experience and lower costs. Also, hotels can employ human employees for better customer engagement whenever required.

• Inventory Tracking and Management

 IoT enabled devices to help hospital workers keep track of the inventory item by item. Soon, smart devices should be able to keep tabs on inventory changes completely automatically, freeing up workers for more critical, cognitively demanding tasks.

The IoT will be the new standard in the hospitality business. It is a service that all guests deserve, and the right tool for hotels to grow and establish market authority.

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