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Top 4 Technological Trends for Industries to Guide Smarter Reality

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 20, 2019

With the unimaginable speed by which the technology is advancing, the world will very soon see science fictions and wonders coming alive.    

FREMONT, CA: The future will be described by smart devices that deliver digital services that are increasingly insightful everywhere. Technology and thinking will change to a stage where hundreds of edge appliances will be connected to the experience. Here are few such trends.

1.  AI Turning Real

With the latest trend of using deep learning, AI promises to offer smart use cases, which cater to the industrial requirements and drive them at computer speeds. Because much of this is cloud-based, the promise is that our connected devices will begin to evolve at a rate even quicker than we've seen so far. Deep learning should automatically transform our current digital assistants into something much more robust.

2. Personal Robotics

New digital assistant developers seem to have noticed that we like gesturing, so speaking to a pipe is not natural for us. Many entrants can be emotional in the coming wave of digital assistants, mostly by moving around something which looks like a head or a big eye. This capacity makes the device look more human. The voices and reactions also sound more human as the back-end AI enhances.

3. The 5G Revolution

What makes 5G unique is that it tackles not only shortcomings in bandwidth, with its greatest effect on the top of the network but also problems of latency, which should force changes to the network as a whole. There are going to be some original adverse effects on the market with the large players, probably getting hit hardest. This is because informed buyers will probably want to wait until the smartphone 5G variants are out before they refresh to prevent premature obsolescence, and these phones will not appear in quantity until after mid-year.

4. The Future Is Edge

This is where the edge is. Investments are moving from cloud to edge computing more and more. Some organizations have already bet large on start-ups with edge computing.

Watching out for application enablers becomes imperative with the ever-evolving technological landscape. While a slew of industries starts to leverage the new tech trends, which are ruling the business market, innovations are sure to ripe.