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Top 5 High-Tech Solutions to Surpass Barriers to Drone Delivery

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The prospects of unmanned drones making instant product deliveries to our doorstep are bright, and the latest tech-driven ideas are on the field to make it happen.

FREMONT, CA: The idea of drones delivering packages has been around for some time now, and there has been some real hype surrounding the technology. Although the thought of getting drones to deliver packages seems appealing, there are barriers that companies need to overcome before they can put their drones to use.  

• Weatherproofing the Drones

Certain weather conditions are not very conducive when it comes to drone delivery. The drones are not designed in a way that they can counter fluctuating weather conditions. Drop-in air density, heavy rain or snow and high wind speed are all problematic. Making drones weatherproof would require better technologies and practical solutions.

• Overcoming Obstructions like Power Cables, Trees, and Buildings

The physical obstacles are a real issue as drones have to pass power cables, big trees, and buildings on their way to deliver the packages. Bad visibility can increase the problem. Improvement in visual sensors have solved the problem to an extent, and as the sensors become more sensitive, one can expect better capabilities.

• Resisting Drone Damage

As the drones are designed to be autonomous devices, miscreants often cause damage to drones. People often find innovative ways to capture drones by shooting them down or pelting stones. Damaged drones and undelivered payloads can lead to significant losses. To address this issue, drones have to be designed better, and provisions must b put in place to catch and punish the offenders.

• Legal Norms

The need to get regulatory approval for drone delivery is a significant obstacle that companies face. While the government in some countries has been more welcoming, other governments have taken a cautious stance. Permissions and regulations are still in their developmental stage and are constantly evolving. One can expect the regulations to ease with time.

• Safe Dropping of packs

Precise and intelligent dropping capability is a must for drones that carry out deliveries. The drones might successfully carry the package, but if it is delivered at the front porch or the garden, there are chances of the package being stolen. Safe dropping would require sophisticated sensors and dedicated dropping zones.

If companies are successful in overcoming the barriers, drones could become a handy tool for emergency deliveries and convenient dispatches.

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