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Top AI-based Solutions Opening Opportunities for Better HR Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Artificial Intelligence can play a defining role in creating well-managed workplaces, as work culture is a matter of growing importance in terms of talent acquisition and retention.

FREMONT, CA: The human resources form the crux of any organization. Technology and automation driven changes have brought about many changes to the way companies undertake HR management and workforce-related activities. The apprehension among employees regarding a possible loss of jobs to artificial intelligence is mostly hearsay as human beings are still indispensable. Instead, the technologies have revitalized many aspects of HR management and ironed out inconsistencies in the HR sphere.

• Hiring Talent

Scrutinizing applications and sorting through candidates has become many times easier with AI-based talent acquisition solutions. The platform offers inbuilt tools and algorithms that allow recruiters to conveniently sieve candidates and pick up the best from the pools with the skills that match their selection criteria. The quality improves, and the selection burden reduces.

• Customized On-boarding for new hires

Newly hired employees require an element of comfort and familiarity before they can feel at home in the workplace. AI-driven tools can help new employees to get acquainted with their new roles in the company through the customized and interactive interfaces on HR platforms.

• Personalized Training

AI has simplified skill training for companies and employees alike. Companies now don't have to put in a lot of efforts to determine how and when their employees undertake training as AI-based applications take care of setting objectives, time frames and evaluation programs for the personalized training courses employees take to acquire or enhance skill sets.

• Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal has always been one of the essential duties of the HR department. The process of performance appraisal is complex, time taking, and crucial as the performance of an employee is evaluated. With AI, the assessments have become simpler since AI does the work of keeping a tab on the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees, and officials can use the data to understand where a particular employee stands. AI also determines and sets targets for employees and assists with selecting candidates for promotion. AI-based predictions are also helping companies manage employee retention issues better.

AI is a very potent weapon, and the HR departments can leverage it to streamline all the tasks they carry out. It can significantly improve workplace culture and overall efficiency of employees.

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