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Top AI-Driven Ideas Upgrading Customer Relationship

By CIOReview | Monday, July 22, 2019

By embracing AI, companies are adopting a stronger and more profitable future with improved customer service.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is effortlessly entering into business processes across all industries. However, its most significant impacts can be seen in the customer experience arena. Solving customer concerns quickly is a challenge, especially when organizations have to sift through a history that may have hundreds of data points. AI makes it easier for the business of any size across any industry to provide better customer experience by empowering firms with predictive intelligence. Below are the areas where companies are putting AI to work to help them deliver better, more relevant customer experience.

• Understanding Customer Sentiment

With AI, it’s possible to collect and analyze the vast amount of data to create more accurate sales objectives that can be updated in real-time. By deploying AI, brands can see how customers feel at an individual level and an aggregate view. This sentiment analysis can keep customers happy and turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. Understanding how a consumer feels can boost sales, improve customer service, and change the face of the business plan.

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• Enhancing automation

Businesses have been automating laborious, redundant tasks for years now. But instead of human labor managing this repetitive process, AI has become the right choice for enhancing automation. AI can become the layer that monitors and manages automated processes. Also, it can improve automation that involves the integration of internal processes. With AI and automation, common questions can be answered through automation, freeing up customer service assistants to focus on more complicated, high-value tasks. 

• Overcoming Language Barriers

AI has the power to remove the language barrier. AI-powered tools can translate listing titles and searches to help customers using different languages. For businesses, the ability to cross borders indeed can change the trajectory of user adoption. Major players across all industries are already offering AI-aided translation tools to its customers.

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With the help of AI, businesses can empower agents, increase productivity, drive efficiency, enhance speed and accuracy, and add to customer relations for attaining a new level of scale in their operations.