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Top AR and VR Trend that will Thrive in 2019

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

As consumers look for better experiences, VR and AR can play a massive role in the future of development and learning innovative technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Trends in Augmented Reality Include:

1. Advanced AR Wearables:

AR has led to the creation of numerous wearable improving the 3-dimensional audio experience and depth of field. The color, quality, and video resolutions of AR devices are also improving over time. With AR, the aim is to make the machines work faster using real-time data while lowering their power consumption.

2. AR Hololens:

Augmented reality will provide clear directions and more information regarding the destination so that it becomes possible to reach quickly and safely.

Moreover, AR will be directly projected on the front windshield, negating the need for special eyewear.

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Latest Trends in Virtual Reality:

1. Advanced Control

Motion sensor technology in accompanying Virtual reality (VR) devices makes it possible to give a mesmerizing experience as it blends the reality within the virtual world.

Many companies are also trying to use military-grade motion trackers to track minute aspects like hands and finger motions.

2. Inside-Out Tracking

The inside-out tracking has made the usage of VR headset easier as it does not need any cord or computer and allows the user to move freely. This technology dramatically raises the mobility of VR and the experiences in which a user can immerse in.

3. 8K VR Headsets

The headset offers a more realistic experience to the users with its 4K resolution and 16 million pixels. 

AR and VR will play a significant role in technological advancements that will be witnessed in 2019 and beyond. It will change the way of living and thrive by influencing every sector, starting from education to manufacturing.