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Top Business Values Driving an Effective Customer Journey Mapping

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Optimizing all touchpoints through customer journey mapping can help brands achieve their business goals.

FREMONT, CA: Many brands are using customer journey mapping to analyze the user experience and learn the scope for improvement. With precise analysis of data, brands can develop comprehensive maps that reflect the customer along the journey from potential to a loyal customer. Below are the key benefits of customer journey mapping.

• Understanding Customer Emotions

As a customer moves between touchpoints, a map may indicate the level of easiness that the customer has. It reveals how the customer feels about each step along the journey and can help brands enhance practices that cause friction or confusion. Brands can also understand the aspects that truly satisfy customers and can devote more attention to further optimizing successful practices.

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• Identifying Gaps in Service or Communications

Customer journey maps reveal voids in customer service. Problems in communication among employees may also be disclosed if agents are unable to obtain timely support from peers during service interactions. Therefore these maps are ideal solutions for understanding the gaps that need to be addressed as a top priority along the customer journey.

• Reducing Costs and Increasing Sales

Brands that use customer journey maps can reduce costs. A rise in positive word of mouth and a decrease in customer churn mitigate the costs of acquiring new customers. Customer journey mapping also has tremendous potential for increased sales as the marketing practices are rewarded with it, and brands experience a higher return on marketing investment. All these makes investing in customer journey maps a mandatory to optimizing both sales and cost.

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• Greater Customer and Employee Satisfaction

As customers get the experiences that they demand, customer satisfaction increases. Similarly, as internal issues of the company resolves and communications improve, and finally, employee confidence increases. Having a better understanding of business objectives and receiving extra support helps employees perform their roles better.

Every customer is unique in the way they engage with the brand. Having a framework like a customer journey mapping in place can help generate more revenue and new business.