Top Gamification Trends to Look Out for
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Top Gamification Trends to Look Out for

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Gamification is not a new process, but the buzzword has recently gained overwhelming popularity.

Fremont, CA: With diminishing engagement and retention rates, and a downhill trend in customer attention span, gamification is a timely antidote to these instances. Today, however, replicating game mechanics is a hard nut to crack in business scenarios, particularly with the budding trends in gamification. Let’s take a look at a few gamification trends.

Mobile apps and social media: The entry of millennials and Gen Z into the global workforce has presented a new problem for small businesses. It's not easy these days to keep them engaged. Small companies are integrating gamification with mobile apps and social media to tackle this challenge. With most enterprise platforms developing mobile apps, it is a timely idea to shift gaming to social media and mobile apps. This is because, for on-the-go workers, mobile apps bring convenience and simplify access.

Integration with AR and VR: Games keep people engaged, and they often nudge the desire of the player to finish a milestone. They keep players focused, inspired, and always happy to succeed. Gamification borrows these intriguing characteristics from games and overlays them with business activities in real life. Immersive technology, on the other hand, leverages 360-degree space to extend reality. A rich visual sensory experience is provided by technologies such as AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR), which makes them a perfect fit for gamification.

Personalization: Companies have been using personalization for decades to increase their marketing results. This ploy has worked, and it has caught the attention of gamification practitioners. This comes in the wake of rapidly changing consumer behaviors and the realization that in gamification, one size does not fit all.As you know, in all situations, marketers and companies used to depend on one systematic gamified design to derive results. The golden traits of games have been leveraged by one-dimensional gamification systems. Consumers and staff loved them back then. However, things have taken a different course, and a different perception of gamified systems has been developed by the targeted audience.

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