Tosca Engages Transplace for Effective Transportation Management
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Tosca Engages Transplace for Effective Transportation Management

By CIOReview | Monday, May 16, 2016
George Abernathy, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Transplace

George Abernathy, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Transplace

DALLAS, TX: Tosca engages Transplace, a premier provider of transportation management services and logistics technology solutions, to manage all their transportation activities throughout North America.

Tosca offers reusable packaging and supply chain solutions mainly revolutionizing the flow of perishables through supply chain, helping producers eliminate wastage at every stage. However, after growing immensely in the logistics field, Tosca needed to optimize its operations, reduce costs and improve customer service by outsourcing their transportation management to an experienced third party provider.

Consequently, Transplace was selected after an extensive request for proposal (RFP) procedure due to its comprehensive offerings in the managed transportation services and logistics technology space, along with a strong alignment between numerous customer bases. As such, Transplace’s effective supply chain management software provides better insight into market conditions and the ability to quickly and effectively react to those changes and be more responsive towards customer demand and positive business transformation.

Transplace extends its service offerings to the supply chain management through its proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) which is delivered as Software-as-a-service solution. The solution allows transporters to improve processes and attain cost savings without heavy capital investments in internal systems or software licenses and installations. The ability of Transplace’s technology solutions to improve operational execution and visibility for all inbound and outbound shipments across facilities can be well utilized by Torso to logistically connect to customer’s locations throughout U.S., Mexico, Canada, Central and South America.

While offering optimal blend of logistics technology and transportation management services to manufacturers, retailers, chemical and consumer packaged goods companies, Transplace focuses on optimizing transportation management across United State’s northern and southern borders. “We assist our customers to make cross-border distribution smooth, fast, predictable and secure through both our bilingual TMS and support from a team of experienced in-country practitioners who knows the cross border landscapes,” says George Abernathy, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Transplace.

Subsequently, by leveraging the scale and buying power of Transplace along with the company’s large carrier network, Tosca will be able to manage its transportation costs efficiently and secure the capacity needed to best serve its customers.

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