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Total Safety Becomes One among the 24 Companies Permitted to Use Drones for Commercial Use

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 10, 2015

HOUSTON, TX: Total Safety, a provider of integrated safety and compliance products and services, bagged the rights from FAA to use Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for flare stacks inspections. Total Safety is now one among the 24 companies in the United States, privileged for leveraging UAS for commercial

Flare maintenance has to be done regularly for employee safety and to ensure plants, refineries, pipelines, tank batteries, drilling rigs, and production rigs, safety. But it is time consuming, takes several days to finish and this in turn halts the routine worker jobs.  

Flares, usually very tall structures, have discharge temperatures of almost 2000F and sometimes it is not possible to shut the flare down. Hence for a better view, workers climb a sky lift or climb the operating flare, which is extremely dangerous. Helicopters can be used for aerial inspection but this method is extremely costly. “Typically chemical plants and refineries are no fly zones so making these visual inspections are only possible from a distance," says Crynes, General Manager, Total Safety Flare Services.

Drone technology will now allow Flare inspections even when the system is operating and hence it is safer and far more effective method. With this solution two or three employees can perform inspections with one person to pilot drone and the other to note things that the camera captures through special goggles. It also facilitates capturing high-resolution photos and video for detailed study. "This method is faster than other methods and provides an instant record of the inspection," says, Chris Barton, Manager, Total Safety Downstream District.