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Towards Secured Retailing with Smart Safe!

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Modern retailers have thoroughly acquainted with the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Now, nearly 80 percent of online marketers and brick-and-mortar worldwide leverage IoT infrastructure. However, IoT hardware and software continues to develop, becoming the best solution provider for almost all the real-time challenges. For a good reason the connected smart safe, an internet-enabled lockbox with biometric access and real-time content-monitoring abilities, ranks among the more compelling IoT.   

Theft has always been an immense issue for retail businesses. Businesses with physical footprints, per analysts for the National Retail Federation, who found the average retailer loses almost $2,000 for every instance of employee embezzlement. The smart safe could alleviate financial constraints related to cash shrinkage, as well as additional required access to money that has not physically left the store while lessening the number of cash pick-ups needed. Many retail businesses are unfamiliar with this IoT product and all the benefits that come with the installation.

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The smart safe brags numerous features proficient of transforming cash-handling operations, beginning with Bleeding-edge authentication technology. Secure IoT assets leverage PIN-based security systems wherein authorized users are given, unique access codes. Maximum smart safes come with cash handler support, which are firms that use these connected tools can take advantage of armored transportation that supports extra layers of security and cash management.

To prevent internal theft, safe models boost operational efficiency through advanced cash-handling.  These inclinations make it a must-have tool within the retail arena. Retailers are clamoring to install these advanced security boxes with hopes of lessening cash shrinkage. Digital payment usage is increasing among consumers; retailers continue to invest in smart safes, understanding that they require to do all they can to protect physical tender.

Retailers deploying smart safe implementations typically converge on some standard variables. Sellers need equipment that facilitates frictionless staff usage. Security is another crucial variable in the smart safe adoption and installation process. In addition to these core considerations, retail companies embarking on smart safe implementation usually consider networking infrastructure.

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Ventus is perfectly positioned to provide retailers with the underlying 4G LTE connective framework they require to support smart safe technology. They are helping enterprises of all sizes navigate widespread technological change for more than two decades by lending them the infrastructure of networking and the latest enterprise information technology tools.