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Tracking and Preventing Flu with Houston Methodist

By CIOReview | Monday, February 4, 2019

The United States witnesses the outbreak of flu every December. Scientists have been confronting with different hurdles to eradicate this. They understood that only the practice of good hygiene would not be enough to stop it. Houston Methodist has decided to exercise an innovative measure against it. They launched a website to track flu. The link to the site is This site contains massive data about flu and Houston Methodist’s hospital system.

In 2017, the researchers informed everyone that they were working on a site for detecting flu through an article in pen Forum Infectious Diseases. In 2018, they launched this site. This website will provide real-time data about flu, and this data will facilitate the whole process of treatment. It will solve the problem of dealing with old data and caters exact information on influenza A, influenza B, respiratory syncytial virus, and rhinovirus.

The customer will not face complexities to handle it. They just have to log in to the site to test its service. It will provide proper information about the flu. This site will be helpful both to common people and to the hospitals. People will receive swift treatment, and the hospitals will be able to attract more patients by providing a proper solution. This site properly monitors the outbreak of flu and is able to spread awareness regarding it.

This website has a vital role to play in public health and possesses business value. It directly addresses the common problem of flu that troubles the maximum number of people. It will also oblige the investors to think about it because today, it has become very important to deliver fast and sound treatment to the patient.

According to a map by Walgreens, Texas held the top position in the list of the influenza outbreak. But, interestingly, Houston was not in the list. Houston proved that proper analysis and proper medication could prevent flu.