Tradelab's Programmatic Platform Receives Fast and Scalable SQL Database Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA:Tradelab, an independent programmatic media buyer chooses MemSQL, provider of real-time databases for transactions and analytics to process and analyze real-time bidding data at scale. Increasing its programmatic platform, the company integrated the MemSQL in-memory database enabling customers to engage audience segments in real-time.

The Tradelab programmatic platform optimizes display, mobile and video campaigns for advertisers and media agencies through programmatic auctions. With a memory-optimized data path and a scale-out architecture MemSQL  enhances the real-time workload, reduces latency and boots performance by 30 percent when compared to other related technologies.

"We use MemSQL as an in-memory solution to analyze large amounts of data without sacrificing our competitive performance," says Vincent Mady, CTO, Tradelab. "The effectiveness of our platform has increased significantly: we're now able to keep pace with increasing data volume and provide faster insights for our customers. Ultimately, this is a better experience for their users."

Delivering complete cluster architecture on standard servers, the platform aids Tradelabto meet the demand for real-time intelligence and model with more granularities. Furthermore, it offers a greater processing speed by converting SQL statements into C++ code with a SQL interpreter.

"Companies like Tradelab look for ways to satisfy user demand and deliver sophisticated experiences, and the MemSQL solution gives them speed and flexibility to meet those expectations," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and Co-Founder, MemSQL. "MemSQL offers customers and partners around the world access to real-time data with a simple SQL interface to deliver business value and impact their bottom line."