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Trailblazing Blockchain to Procure a More Personalized Pharma

By CIOReview | Monday, June 3, 2019

FREMONT, CA: One of the prime sectors, the pharmaceutical industry has a far-reaching effect on the world, modernizing traditional perceptions. Despite the fundamental reliance on the products and treatments provided, there are challenges across the entire supply chain from the initial research of drugs to the end customer. By catering to this end, blockchain tarts up the industry. Due to the sector's strict privacy practices and global regulations, blockchain emerges as a technology, specially tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.

The technology can be utilized to give offer extended security for the information involved in clinical trials that will open entries for people to providing personal and other details, in a trusted manner. This will eventually lead to shorter cycles for drug development and discovery. There are different applications for the use of blockchain in clinical trials, including the development of public registries. Blockchain could allow a person to participate in clinical trials confidentially, and it may help eliminate the fear of data security being compromised while participating in a trial.

The use of blockchain technology can also found features for making data available at any moment. Generating a greater sense of trust through blockchain and ensuring patients are safer will go far in creating a better relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the public.  Apart from this, product recalls will enable medicines to be returned efficiently through the supply chain. Keeping track of all the products is an enormous task, for which blockchain holds a solution.  As drugs move along the supply chain, the transactions can be recorded on a blockchain.

Blockchain can provide a platform for protection and facilitation of intellectual property such as facilitation of royalties, payments, and incentivization models that could entertain participants to provide inputs into research and development processes.

The advancements that could create through blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry are vast. With its potential, the technology promises to make every part of the supply chain smooth for sponsors, service producers, and most importantly, patients.