Traister Creative Integrates Marketing Automation with Persuasive Copywiriting to Boost eCommerce

By CIOReview | Monday, September 21, 2015

JUPITER, FL: With so many potential buyers actively using search engines, websites, apps and social media to decide on the best product or service, there is a constant need to be visible and provide the best experience to help customers choose the brand. Marketing services firm, Traister Creative has taken a planned approach on this by announcing its support on marketing automation for clients. It is a powerful and cost effective tool to help SMBs to convert more leads into buyers and increase customer retention.

 Marketing automation is a software technology that can move prospective opt-in leads from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom to become sales-ready. Integrating the solution with persuasive copywriting, it will enable greater sales and higher return of investment.

Now, users can attain a big increase in sales from the products and services and can be even more induced to buy more of the services and products. As there is a fast rising demand for content which includes videos, blogs, success stories, white papers and social media. So, the need of the hour is for copywriters who can think in a conceptual way and write compelling content, to attract customer’s interest.

There is also an astonishing figure in growth of number of people that search for products and services on the Internet. And eventually those people are more exposed and empowered with right information that can convince users to make purchase.

Clients can target audience fulfill the needs and desires through direct marketing. This can include video sales letters, landing pages and email. The new affordable technology solution facilitates services for both B2C and B2B companies to more effectively boost ecommerce production. It will also give small and medium-sized companies an edge in competing with larger organizations.

“Traister Creative LLC integrates marketing automation, WordPress website design and persuasive copywriting services, making TC a one-stop-shop for B2C and B2B companies to create an ecommerce sales solution at a fraction of the cost of working with multiple vendors.” says Jeff Traister, President, TC.