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Transforming Customer Experience With Contact Center AI

By CIOReview | Friday, April 12, 2019

Contact centers have long been an integral part of customer service performing essential services. But in terms of compliance issues, unstructured data, and manual case classification contact center agents are falling short of delivering quality customer services. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as an apt candidate who can resolve these challenges. AI promises to revolutionize the experiences of both the customers and contact center representatives. It focuses on emulating human intelligence and behavior with machines.  Enhancing insights with the information of big data and automation is a powerful combination for service organizations.

AI presents many viable uses in the contact center sphere that improves customer experience and efficiency. Customers can instantly receive accurate information from self-service AI, and they don’t have to stand on hold. Also, call center agents can get access to a sea of information due to AI. Below are some more ways AI can be used in a contact center.

Capturing Customer Data: Conversational agents can obtain data from customer interactions and feed it into analytics software. These massive set of captured data can undergo analysis with AI to discover trends including satisfaction with the service.

Predicting Customer Behavior: AI can also provide insights into market trends using the same tool that captures customer interactions. These insights can help to anticipate customer needs and increase customer retention. Information on new trends is also useful in strategic planning where companies can plan best practices to deal with future issues.

Identifying and Switching Calls: AI can be used to determine the nature of calls and pass it to a different channel including routing a call to a customer representative or chatbot. AI systems can also be installed on the agent desktops to access the user’s background information, enabling inbound customer calls to be handled quickly.

Enhancing Customer Service: Handling common user requests and problem solving are salient uses of AI. Although, AI requires efficient knowledge management and natural language processing to allow it to handle inquiries like a human contact center agent. To enable this AI system should be fully integrated and fed ample data to master it to respond appropriately to queries.

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