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Transforming Healthcare through AI

By CIOReview | Monday, January 15, 2018

The emergence of artificial intelligence has indeed come to usher vast revolutionary developments to a number of industries. One amongst them is the healthcare industry, which has leveraged the transforming technology with open arms. A recent survey by healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics, found 35 percent of healthcare organizations planning to leverage the technology within 2 years and more than half on intending the same with 5 years, thus, proving the point of its overwhelming welcomeness.

Be it result bearing decision making systems, advanced diagnosis or precise custom based medicines, AI’s potential application to the healthcare industry is immense. The powering surge in AI based health systems by some of the leading tech giants have come to usher in some major breakthroughs in healthcare. For instance, DeepMind, a leading AI company is currently working on a project to develop a technology resembling blockchain to track patient’s health data securely. The technology is aimed to help both the hospitals and patients access real-time insights on the usability and location of patient’s data.   In another instance, Samsung Neurologica and MedyMatch technology have partnered to develop intelligent medical equipments which could help in speedy assessing of stroke patients with better accuracy in pre-hospital environments.

With such incredible developments, AI has indeed come to consolidate its position in a number of arrears of healthcare. Namely, patient engagements where AI is leveraged to help patients perform sophisticated medical tasks through voice based commands.  Clinical automation, wherein AI based medical systems or equipments would facilitate automated operationalization of critical medical tasks. Lastly, the application of AI to make result bearing intelligent, data driven decisions.

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