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Transforming Healthcare with AI and IoT

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 8, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the novel trending topics of the market which are set to bring revolution to the industries across the globe. Even though healthcare is late in the race of implementing these new technologies, it is no longer behind. With the invention of wearable IoT devices such as pacemaker with Bluetooth and WiFi connection, health monitoring gadgets—fitbit, apple watch, OpenAPS, sensor integrated medicine delivery machines, ingestible sensors, etcetera—assertion of data has become a major factor in tracking the progress of a patient.

Moreover, these copious amounts of confidential data require optimum security against breaches. This factor can be safeguarded with blockchain technology, which encrypts the data as well as previews the data transactions only to the individuals associated with the chain. At this point, AI can be implemented to mine the data for comprehensive patterns which might allow healthcare personals to make better decisions. Additionally, AI will also help detect the very minute variations and anomalies within a patient’s dataset that are susceptible to go amiss under normal circumstance.

Healthcare is also researching into nanobots, ingestible origami robots, and other softbots to help in surgeries in the near future. With the implementation of all the advanced technologies, the nature of healthcare and surgeries will undoubtedly become more accurate with better results.

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