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Transforming Marketing Strategies with Big Data

By CIOReview | Monday, April 30, 2018

Advertisers and marketers today have the added advantage of knowing what a customer wants and what they might look for in the future. This advantage is now playing an effective role in reducing campaign spend and targeting the prospective customers directly. The transformation of the marketing strategy is the direct ramification of technological advancements such as big data analysis. Today data management firms can deconstruct the data silos accumulated from various sources such as social media, public forums, blogs, point-of-sale transactions, and website traffics to understand the mindset of a consumer for a personalized marketing strategy.

With the help of big data, marketers can create unique content videos to reach the right population with the exact product that they need as well as use web crawlers to track how long an individual is spending on a marketing content. This will help the marketers improve campaigns in the long run. In fact, big budget brands are making an investment in business intelligence a top priority. Today, each decision made by a consumer is swayed by the insights that big data provides to marketing agencies.

Big data also plays an essential role in setting and predicting future trends after analyzing the data silos of structured and unstructured data for clear patterns. Combining big data analysis with machine learning is also proving to be an essential factor in increasing market visibility of a brand, as the machines provide accurate reports on minute variation that might go amiss with human intervention.

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