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Transforming the Aviation Industry through AI

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

AI is reshaping the aviation industry in areas like ticketing, flight maintenance, crew management, and passenger identification.

FREMONT, CA: The aviation Industry is likely to enter into the fourth industrial revolution with the implementation of technological advancements in the businesses. Emerging technologies like IoT, AI, AR, and VR are remodeling the aviation field comprehensively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still in the foundational stage in the aviation business. Baggage check-in, customer Q&A, aircraft fuel optimization, and factory operation optimization are a few ways AI has been employed by the airlines.

Following are some ways AI can revolutionize the airline industry.

Crew Management

Daily airline crew managers have to administer compound networks of people, comprising pilots, flight attendants, and engineers. Several factors affect the decision of a supervisor like credibility, availability, certifications, and qualifications of the crew member. A digital aviation company has solved the problem with the use of AI. The enterprise’s AI-based crew rostering system considers all the features mentioned above and manages the crew members efficiently.

Flight Maintenance

The maintenance of an aircraft is a difficult task, and any mistake could cost a fortune for the airlines along with flight delay or cancellation, so it requires proper scheduling and planning. AI-based analytical maintenance is gradually becoming a trend in the global aircraft market, which will assist engineers in foreseeing failures before taking place.

Ticketing Systems

Air ticket prices are calculated depending on multiple factors like flight distance, oil prices, competition, seasonality, purchase date, the brand value of the airline, and more. Some parameters change every day like oil prices, which lead to a constant change in the ticket price. The AI algorithm is a vital solution to this problem. The algorithm helps airlines to analyze the most competent fares for each flight, which will further assist them in remaining profitable and offers competitive rates to their customers.

Analyze Communication

Air traffic control (ATC) is one of the critical aspects of all flights. In the case of international flights, the interaction between an air traffic controller and a pilot is usually cross-cultural and cross-lingual. An aeronautics company, with an online platform named AI-Gym, is capable of developing a machine learning algorithm. The program would not only clear the noise in real-time but also gives a full transcript of the controller’s audio.