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TranslateMe Unveils World's First Decentralized Language Translational Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, December 7, 2018

TranslateMe, an ICO has launched a decentralized language translation solution that aims to provide fast and accurate language translation. It is an application developed to translate text, speech and even have real-time translated conversions. The idea behind it is to provide cost effective translation service with help of sharable resources and data, obsolete the centralization of service resulting in much satisfactory end user experience. Blockchain technology, neural machine learning and human input have together made this unique and innovative project to be officially launched. The project already has found real-world applications such as restaurants have installed TranslateMe and customers just by scanning a QR code can simply translate the menu into the language of their choice.

Various other sectors that will also get benefitted with this new tech would be education, where students will be able to translate the text into the desired language. Computers will also observe a major change as people will be able to use the machinery in the language of their choice. TranslateMe has also opened gates for freelancers where they could provide accurate and fast translations and earn in the ICO’s token.

Hurdles that TranslateMe aims to overcome

At first, the project targets to overcome language translation barrier across the world. Many famous online platforms like Google and Facebook also only support a fraction of the world’s total languages. The data available in this field is also limited and inaccurate to support machine translation. The average cost of translation is too high and many companies are trying centralizing the monopoly by building a solution to it. The centralization will lead to expensive services and customers will be charged hefty to avail those service.

TranslateMe is one such solution which cost-effective and also decentralized. Blockchain technology and machine learning allow it to build an ecosystem where enormous data can be stored and improves machine’s understanding of any language. Decentralization permits data collection and computing power to be pooled to single growth and the efforts are not divided but united. This overall ecosystem results in lower cost, higher efficiency and a much-improved quality of machine translation.

How does it work?

Any entity that wants to avail this service will have to purchase tokens as a means to keep their service cycle running.

The platform or service will require service providers to enter token as fuel or credit to avail the service. Once entities input the token, data can input and desired results can be obtained. Only service providers will be required to purchase token, their consumers or end-users will not have to make this purchase.

How one can involve in the project?

TranslateMe allows each one to participate in the project by either providing accurate and quality translations as a service and earn through it or one can participate in the purchase of TMN token. Else by using the end-application also normal people can be a part of this venture.

Overall TranslateMe is an innovative project that holds the potential to revolutionize the translation industry and benefit all by being cost-effective and highly efficient.

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