Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company Adopts Kryptos for Safer Corporate Communications

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

SAN MARINO, CA: Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company goes public with its plan to deploy Kryptos for providing secure corporate communication solutions for the company and its strategic allies. This arrangement with Kryptos is in accord to reduce the rising exposure to industrial espionage threats.

Bill McKay, CEO of TPAC believes that most companies underestimate the threat of industrial espionage and the impact it can create on the respective businesses. Explaining TPAC’s initiative to reduce espionage he says, “TPAC is leading the way in taking the necessary steps to minimize the company's exposure to such threats by using readily available technology to combat such threats."

Kryptos provides encrypted communication technology, and brings into application 256 bit AES military grade encryption which provides secure, encrypted voice communications between users of iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones and tablets as well as Blackberry smart phones. It is a secure, encrypted Voice over IP (VoIP) application that provides connectivity for secured calling over several networks including 3G, 4G and WiFi.

The U.S. State Department allegedly reports around 6500 industrial espionage incidents in the U.S alone which have an average economic impact nearing 1.25 million dollars. Reflecting on which TPAC is taking initiative for raising awareness against these invasive threats to personal and corporate security. TPAC also calls out for other corporations and individuals and prompts them to secure their own communication. TPAC will be taking over the distribution of Kryptos through the QxStart Portal.