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Treat the Guest with the Best!

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The hospitality industry is transfiguring at a pace of whirlwind, as new entrants pose threats to businesses and on the other hand, customer desire for the best experiences that can be available.

FREMONT, CA: Technology investments prioritize those who show both constancy and responsiveness in world-class experiences all through the discovery, booking, stay, and support phases of their trip.  In order to be successful within the hospitality industry, it is essential for the company to change the mindset from the traditional risk-averse method to the one that works toward getting a higher guest experience level.

Change is Good:

In recent times, massive digital disruptors are transforming the competitive landscape and digital transformation everywhere, changing consumer expectations and behaviors. Companies in the hospitality sector that resist transforming for better speed, agility, and accuracy in their systems will certainly fall out of favor with potential guests and will struggle to survive in the long race.

• By estimating the technology initiatives from every direction, companies can determine whether on-premise or cloud can fetch them an elevated outcome.

• It is always wise to collaborate with a fellow company, which has implemented similar initiatives to get better insights.

• For effective functionality, companies can make use of the guest data combined with survey feedback to verify whether the initiative has the desired effect and to understand its benefits.

Let the Advancement in Technology Act:

Hotels that operate under a franchise model require buy-in from several decision-makers to make a change and the legacy systems that restrict their support for the desired in-room technologies add more complexities to the problem. When the issues are combined, it becomes impossible for a change like in-room technologies, such as keyless entry.

• To have an updated website and mobile optimized for smooth booking processes can enhance the first impression along with consolidating the data into a central system that can generate a holistic view.

• By freeing the staff from manual work, it can be easier for the company to provide instant services to the guest whenever needed.

Don’t Forget Security:

It is essential to implement basic security measures and improve the system along with the developing technology. By interacting proactively and openly with customers regarding their data security can win brownie points, besides it will be ideal for moving key apps to cloud enhanced safety.

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