Trend Micro To Obtain AWS Healthcare Capability
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Trend Micro To Obtain AWS Healthcare Capability

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 28, 2022

Trend Micro provides AWS customers with security solutions that are both straightforward and comprehensive.

FREMONT, CA: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by healthcare providers and payers worldwide to improve patient care by decreasing the time and effort necessary to run existing workloads. Additionally, offering access to powerful new analytic capabilities, all while satisfying stringent security and privacy standards. Trend Micro, a global facilitator of cybersecurity, has attained Amazon Web Service (AWS) Healthcare Competency level. This certification adds over fifteen AWS competencies and distinctions for cloud security products to Trend Micro.

“Technology innovation is in our DNA. This latest designation is another proof point of our successful business transformation as a platform-based cybersecurity provider,” states Mike Milner, vice president of cloud technology at Trend Micro. “As we continue to expand into new business verticals, a strong relationship with AWS allows us to broaden our customer base and jointly create a secure cloud environment.”

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Trend Micro offers enterprises utilizing AWS security solutions that are both simple and comprehensive.

Critical healthcare activities and the ongoing care of patients rely on protecting sensitive personal information. According to Forrester Research, “Healthcare organizations must fortify security now and continuously improve it moving forward. Ransomware, insider threats, bad bots, DDoS attacks, and spear-phishing emails targeting HCOs have wreaked havoc on an already overburdened healthcare system.”

“XSOLIS provides data automation, transparency, and objective insights to our connected network of providers and payers. Ensuring the secure exchange of data for our customers is our utmost priority,” said Zach Evans, chief technology officer at XSOLIS. “By leveraging Trend Micro managed services, we have improved our security posture and meet compliance with ease, allowing us to focus on our mission of accelerating data-driven decision making and collaboration to create a more efficient healthcare system.”

Trend Micro has also added the most recent AWS DevOps Competency and averages more than ten design wins each year, demonstrating the customer value it has delivered.

AWS Healthcare Competency acknowledges partners who have demonstrated customer success and technical expertise in their respective areas.