Trending Automated Lead Management Strategies, Boosting Sales
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Trending Automated Lead Management Strategies, Boosting Sales

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 13, 2019

FREMONT, CA: According to a CEB study, 49% of sales reps ignore more than half of marketing leads. And no wonder, Gleanster Research estimates that only 25% of marketing leads are worth passing along to sales. The problem is the lead qualification or the lack of qualification process that is accurate and fast. Manual lead management is not possible in a business environment where inbound lead generation dominates. Organizations should manage their leads properly and process scoring accurately and doing it at a scale. There are a few strategies for companies that are planning to adopt marketing automation technology.

• Automated Lead Qualification Gives Sales an Advantage

Time is money, and sales representatives require knowing that a lead is well qualified. To follow up with the flow of the leads, overburdened marketing departments may not have to work manually. The lead lifecycle ensures that the concerned person interacts with the lead effectively.

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• Automated Lead Scoring Based on your Ideal Customer Profile

Sales and marketing need identifying the variables that define the ideal before leads are qualified. They can then assign the values used to score the lead on the likelihood to purchase. Traditional lead scoring is based on the concerned individual's knowledge. Once the desirable values are coded into the software, the system can automatically calculate costs, assign a score, and thus qualify leads. As artificial intelligence is integrated into marketing automation tools, lead scoring becomes more predictive.

• Automated List Segmentation Helps Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

Initial lead qualification helps representatives prioritize the response and automated list segmentation allows prospects messages tailored to their needs, situations, and interests. Targeting the message sent by segment follow-up calls can be scheduled when new products become available, and you have a special offer.

• Automated Nurturing through Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a time-tested strategy for both nurturing and engaging customers and prospects. With a tool within the marketing automation suite, a whole campaign of emails allows a prospect's activity to trigger a single email response.

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The key to best lead management is knowing that you are scoring, qualifying, and segmenting accurately. Automated lead management requires constant test and measuring the results to hold up to the criteria. Minimizing the time spent on tasks and generating high Return of Investment (ROI) is now possible.