Trending Digital Technologies to look forward too
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Trending Digital Technologies to look forward too

By CIOReview | Monday, August 27, 2018

Since the Industry 4.0, the digital ecosystem remains in a constant flux and the anticipation of new technology is changing the industries every day. To keep pace with the breeding-age technologies such as AI, IoT, and Blockchain, CIOs today are looking for ways to adopt trending digital features immediately to keep up with demands. Listed below are few of the upcoming trends that companies must keep an eye out for:

•  5G Standards- The new 5G mobile network is set to improve speed and lower latency rates. New silicon will be designed based on the 5G standard and deployed through an LTE core. 5G is expected to bring scalability and energy efficiency in powering the growing range of IoT devices. The new device is set to cover a range below 1GHz and reach up to the 50GHz mark. The technology is set to be released in 2019 or early 2020. Operators such as AT&T, Sprint, and version along with mobile vendors like Nokia, LG, Cisco, Intel, and Samsung are heavily invested in 5G commercial trials.

•  Edge Computing- comprises of a wide range of technologies such as wireless sensor networks, ad-hoc networking, dew computing, cloudlet, distributed data storage, automatic self-healing networks, and augmented reality. These technologies are set to reduce the burdens on clouds and optimize applications by analyzing data at the source or near the source of its origin. Amalgamation of edge computing and IoT is set to revolutionize the deluge of IoT data by optimizing asset management.

•  Quantum computing- since the introduction of Google, NASA, and D-Wave systems’ first quantum computer, the technology is gaining traction within the technology and computer machines manufacturing companies. Quantum computers are set to optimize the processing capabilities of vast amounts of information. Based on quantum mechanics principles, the technology is equipped to run new and far advanced types of algorithms to make a breakthrough in research capabilities. When combined with Artificial Intelligence the technology will allow end-users to optimize the use of available resources and improve algorithms.

Even though the above-mentioned technologies are mostly in the trial phase but in a couple of years it will transform the economic scenario of today completely and the first adopters will receive the most benefits. 

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