Trending Practices to Streamline Digital Health
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Trending Practices to Streamline Digital Health

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: High-end technologies have an essential role to play in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is struggling with some challenges which it can overcome by adopting precise digital solutions. The doctor to patient ratio is skewed at many places in the world, and the burden of patient management adds to the workload, thereby reducing the quality of care. Through technological interventions, the healthcare industry can reach out to more people and enhance the quality of service they provide. Some of the advancements that are already in industrial use include the following.

• EHRs on Cloud

Cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs) help reduce the dependence on traditional means of on-premise storage and local servers. The whole process of storing and accessing data becomes convenient for all the employees as records get stored in a centralized system. Organizations are able to reduce maintenance bills and the cost of licensing and updating. Cloud-based systems require less IT know-how. Patients can also access their medical records without hospitals having to intervene.

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• Faster Communication

With the help of smartphone systems, communication between patients and healthcare industry personnel gets simplified. The smartphone network connects and diverts call accurately to connect patients to the right department and reduces wastage of time. Telemedicine is an upcoming trend that will depend on excellent communication capabilities.

• Smart Wearables and Devices

Understaffed organizations struggle with patient care, and patient wellbeing is compromised in many instances. Smart devices and wearables that can keep a tab on health indicators of patients are significantly improving patient care. With the help of gadgets, medical staff can prevent errors and provide efficient, round the clock monitoring. Diagnostic tools and imaging have also seen a lot of advancements in recent times.

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• Data Analysis

By analysis of available data, the medical industry is gaining insights on a range of factors. Data analysis is assisting the organizations to come up with better workflow management and efficient, high-quality services. The result of streamlined processes is a reduction in costs and enhanced administration.

Digitalization has the potential to help the healthcare industry grow into a better service provider. Through automated, high-end processes, management and patient care, both stand a chance to get streamlined.