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Trending Technologies of 2020

By CIOReview | Monday, July 13, 2020

2020 has in store many technologies that will be more popular than ever. From Blockchain to cross-platform app development frameworks, these technologies will redefine businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Changes are constant are in our life, and so are the changes in the tech world. But today, technologies change as quick as lightning, and the world witnesses emerging trends now and then. In trend are the following technologies, which will set up new stories in 2020.


According to LinkedIn, Blockchain holds the leading position in the list of emerging technologies for this year. This is because of its manifold benefits in resolving inconsistencies in cryptocurrency transactions and preventing fraudulence. 

Cloud computing

Recent studies show that more than 50 percent of enterprises will substitute their non-cloud storage strategies with the cloud by 2021. Along with storage services, cloud platforms also allow standard office applications and Artificial Intelligence development, which makes it cost-efficient for the firms.

Artificial Intelligence

To enhance users' experience, AI is bringing in "deep fake" features in 2020. PwC suggests that AI will contribute 15.7 trillion dollars approximately by 2030, owing to its prevailing popularity. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Already trending in our daily lives, IoT is aiming to raise its bar and make lives easier. In the coming years, IoT will be benefitting edge computing and blockchain technologies with enhanced machine learning.

Progressive Web Applications

Can web applications run offline? With PWAs users can now relish their preferred websites even when they are not connected to the Internet and also through their mobile web browsers without installing the apps.


With increased connectedness, cybersecurity technologies have become essential for organizations. Therefore, companies are opting for more sophisticated cybersecurity technologies to secure their IT environment. Along with this, openings for skilled expertise in this field will increase. 

Simultaneously with these technologies, 2020 is set to witness some mobile development trends concerning the application development platforms.

With platform-specific UI components, applications like Xamarin offers an impeccable native experience with the easy maintenance of applications without making modifications in the source file.

Another open-source platform, Flutter comes with its unique 'hot reload' feature. React Native, which has provided the platform for building some of our favorites like Uber Eats and Instagram, can't go unmentioned. The new version of this framework is more convenient for iOS and android platforms.

One interesting fact in this genre is that today programming languages, today, almost equal to the number of languages spoken. Out of many, the most popular programming languages that businesses are choosing for developing their applications are Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Golang. Their far-reaching applications have made them popular in various fields.

As the market is hyper-competitive today, businesses are all geared up to employ modern technologies and make a difference in the market.

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