Trendio to Provide First Beauty Shopping App
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Trendio to Provide First Beauty Shopping App

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 24, 2023

In the U.S., Trendio introduces a better way to discover and shop for beauty, ushering in the future of video commerce.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile applications provide users with easy, functional access to real-time information, products, services, and processes and are tailored for hand-held engagement. Trendio Live, founded by Alex Perez-Tenessa, former vice president of U.S. Prime Video, and startup veteran David Olmos, has come up with Trendio, its innovative video shopping app that allows users to engage with personalized content and purchase beauty products with a single click.

"We want Trendio, first and foremost, to be entertaining. We work with creators who make our customers feel like they are receiving beauty advice from a knowledgeable and fun friend or big sister," says Julie Novak, Trendio VP of Content. "We appreciate the responsibility of recommending products and brands in our videos, and we put great care into the quality of our selection to ensure we only feature brands and products we genuinely love and believe in."

Perez-experience Tenessa's overseeing US Prime Video for Amazon, coupled with his prior position as Head of Beauty for CVS, gave him a unique perspective on the unrealized potential to leverage innovations in video technology, such as video AI, to improve the beauty shopping experience significantly. Perez-Tenessa and Olmos recruited Amazon Live alumna Julie Novak and former Glossier Head of Makeup Category Management Leah Grubb, and they set out to create a platform that would reimagine the future of beauty e-commerce by combining the in-store quality of personalized advice with the convenience of online shopping.

With seed round funding from Madrona, an early investor in Amazon, the Trendio team assembled an advisory board of industry veterans, including former QVC board member Michael Zeisser, Amazon Live creator Munira Rahemtulla, and former Zulily CEO Jeff Yurcisin. Trendio is founded on the belief that the modern consumer desires more from the beauty discovery experience and that AI-enhanced video is the best way to meet this demand - in addition to iOS and Android, the Trendio app is also available for download on Roku, making it the only startup to seamlessly combine content and commerce on a connected TV.

"We're reinventing shopping entertainment for a new generation," says Alex Perez-Tenessa. "We launched Trendio because traditional e-commerce wasn't working for customers who wanted to discover new beauty brands and products in a way that felt personal and that they could trust. Our technology roadmap not only enhances the shopping journey, it reinvents how people experience video altogether - we are creating the first-ever personalized video experience."

Trendio meets the customer where they are, on mobile or connected TV, beginning with Roku; customers may interact with producers via live or pre-recorded videos, pin their favorite products to their dashboard, and purchase items from a number of businesses directly through Trendio with a unified checkout. Merit, Philosophy, Ursa Major, Nudestix, Kjaer Weis, Joanna Vargas, Coola, and Avene are among the lineup of prestige beauty brands that Trendio is continually expanding. To provide customers with impartial suggestions and reliable items, Trendio employs tough standards when evaluating potential brand partners. The platform's staff handpicks its featured content providers based on their experience, dependability, and relatability to produce trustworthy content that users can trust.

Unlike traditional e-commerce, video content generates more data signals and conversions every session, offering Trendio and its brand partners important insights into their consumers' tastes and purchase behaviors. Early in 2023, when Trendio introduces video AI capabilities, the site will be able to automatically modify movies to each user's specific preferences, thereby increasing relevance and conversion and establishing a new industry standard for personalized buying.

Video commerce is already a mature industry in China, with over $132 billion in sales and an annual growth rate of 155 percent. In the United States, it is expected to reach $35 billion by 2024. Since fifty percent of customers find product discovery frustrating and seventy-two percent desire to learn about products through video, Trendio provides what the beauty industry still needs: a seamless, personalized video experience that users can trust.