Trends that will Transform Digital Marketing in 2019
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Trends that will Transform Digital Marketing in 2019

By CIOReview | Friday, December 14, 2018

As the world is gradually evolving, the landscape of digital marketing is also changing drastically. Currently, digital marketing is solidly incorporated into day-to-day work, as the day begins with bulletin news and ends with Facebook notifications. This certainly leads to the emergence of new trends in daily lifestyle. 2018 has been the year of improving the social media trends of 2017. Now the question that arises is about the new trends that will transform digital marketing in the year 2019. The other questions that are abreast with the changing swing are ways to figure out, recognize, and change the advertising methodologies according to the evolving digital marketing arena. 

AI in 2019 can save the costs and accelerate the growth of businesses and getting an edge over their competitors. The importance of chatbots in digital marketing will continue to impact the industry in 2019. AI-powered Chatbots on web pages, landing pages, and social media, especially Facebook will be implemented in conversational marketing. It’s all about being conversational and creating a lasting impression that a brand is here to be a buddy. Most of the customers are willing to chat with the chatbots as they are very responsive and give the answers to their queries promptly and in turn, offer outstanding customer service to meet their expectations. Uber is utilizing the chatbot technology for communicating with the customers.

AI can offer information and suggestions to users through the conversations. Such applications are mainly designed for the customers that do not like to waste time when engaging with brands. Videos are other trending means of marketing in today’s digital world. Their impact creates ripples all over the marketing landscape. Many Professionals in B2B like to read and learn new ideas, but ordinary people can take advantages of short and dynamic forms of videos for knowing the current trends of the products.

Programmatic advertising automates the ad-buying using AI so that the businesses can target more specific audiences. Real-time bidding or auctions are some of the programmatic ad-buying types. This automation is highly efficient and fast that enables higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. Almost nine percent of the ads in the U.S. will be programmatic by 2020 according to the eMarketer analytics. This is swiftly changing the face of digital advertising. Many new marketing trends come into play every year, some stay and transform the industries and some fade out quickly. The year 2019 will prove to be more challenging as marketers adapt to new tools that enhance the consumer processes and provide efficient ways to transform in real-time.

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