Trimble and Microsoft to Lead Industry-Wide Digital Transformation Together
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Trimble and Microsoft to Lead Industry-Wide Digital Transformation Together

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Trimble and Microsoft will collaborate on developing the Trimble Construction Cloud, which Microsoft Azure will power.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud infrastructures assist environmental proactivity by powering virtual services rather than actual items and hardware, decreasing paper waste, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing computer-related emissions. Construction, agriculture, and transportation firms Trimble and Microsoft have come up with joint ventures to speed up the digital transformation of their respective businesses. It is a cloud-based platform and solutions to connect people, technology, and processes across the whole lifespan of an industry. Trimble's Connect and Scale 2025 strategy, which aims to establish industry-leading cloud platforms, has taken a critical step forward with this collaboration.

“Trimble and Microsoft will create a powerful partnership to advance technology adoption in the construction industry. Using Microsoft technologies, Trimble will be able to more rapidly develop a construction cloud to connect stakeholders and workflows throughout the industry,”  states Bryn Fosburgh, Senior Vice President, Trimble, on the partnership. “We are building on our combined success to help construction companies use digital data to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase collaboration and create agility. By leveraging the Microsoft cloud, Trimble technology and our combined engineering capabilities, we will empower construction businesses to realize the benefits of the cloud and accelerate digital transformation throughout the construction lifecycle.”

This new agreement between Trimble and Microsoft will bring together Trimble's construction technologies and industry expertise with Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Trimble's construction solutions include everything from machine and field technology to project and resource management to analytics. This innovative connected platform powered by Microsoft Azure fully enabled for 3D constructible models, will reduce risks, drive speed, and increase efficiency and accuracy across every stage of the construction project lifecycle in 2022.

Along with cloud engineering development, Microsoft and Trimble will collaborate on collaborative go-to-market strategies and creative solutions to multinational and regional businesses. The first solution will ensure sustained support for infrastructure investment cycles and applied to large-scale projects where numerous stakeholders collaborate to produce integrated construction projects.

“Industry customers are accelerating deployment of cloud-based services and solutions to facilitate better decision making based on data-driven insights, gain efficiencies, reduce costs and engage customers in new ways,” says Casey McGee, Vice President Global ISV Partners, Microsoft. “We are excited about our enhanced collaboration with Trimble as it will help customers, across industries, evolve their cloud strategies and realize business transformation.”