Trimble Deploys Applanixs Pos Lv System To Offer Transport Autonomy Capabilities To Ihi Corp Oration
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Trimble Deploys Applanixs Pos Lv System To Offer Transport Autonomy Capabilities To Ihi Corp Oration

By CIOReview | Friday, June 24, 2022

The robust positioning provided by Trimble's map-based localization system, Applanix POS LV, requires no additional site infrastructure.

Fremont, CA: Trimble has implemented its first map-based localization system for land-based autonomous vehicle applications as the development of automated work machine systems toward autonomous operation progresses rapidly across multiple industrial sectors. Japan-based maker of heavy industry, IHI Corporation, will retrofit its existing container and haulage trucks with a bespoke Applanix POS LV system as part of its expanded autonomy capabilities for the transfer of commodities within industrial facilities.

Map-based localization augments GNSS/inertial data with precise location and orientation estimation, which is essential for safe and efficient autonomous vehicle operations. The capacity to offer IHI Corporation a comprehensive workflow and real-time data guarantees seamless integration into IHI's vehicle design.

The custom-built, locally supported system utilizes Trimble's creative engineering expertise and technology to deliver dependable performance in a variety of demanding settings. Using this solution, IHI Corporation is able to provide a precise location for its autonomous fleet without the need for the extra site infrastructure, hence reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX) expenses and enhancing scalability.

The map-based localization system links an inertial navigation system (INS) with simultaneous localization and mapping-based (SLAM) capabilities and works with a variety of sensors, including LiDAR for IHI, to accommodate POS LV's unique requirements and current autonomous platform. POS LV generates a precise base map utilizing post-processed data and localizes vehicle positioning in real-time, allowing industrial vehicles to operate autonomously in a reliable and secure manner.

IHI continuously improves its work surroundings while accounting for fluctuating labor conditions and workforce shortages. This makes transportation automation a must for operations. The intricacies of the ever-changing industrial manufacturing environment need the customization of application-specific solutions. By cooperating with Trimble, IHI will be able to design a retrofit solution that tackles two significant obstacles in the autonomous operation of large-scale industrial equipment: affordability and constant reliability. Customers like IHI rely on Trimble to develop autonomous solutions that enable them to achieve their strategic objectives regardless of where they are on the road to autonomy.