Trimble TM-2050 3.0 for Better Farm Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA: GPS maker Trimble discloses news on its android powered TMX-2050, web based connected farm management solution, opening for third party software companies to develop applications for the same. TMX-2050 display on console gives its users an advanced navigation option for steering and maneuvering guidance on a user friendly interface which is similar to the likes of traditional smartphones or tablets farmers are already accustomed with.

Coupled with wireless connectivity and mobile applications on a device like TMX-2050, farmers are provided with a technological edge that manages their field tasks without needing to step out of the tractor cab. They can integrate data from multiple precision farming technologies enabling them to easily view information from field activities such as planting, spraying or harvesting—without compiling information manually. Data from a wide range of machine makes and models combined with commodity markets data, weather forecasts, rainfall totals and irrigation monitoring offers growers an easy-to-use platform for total farm management.

This new agricultural developer network will enable the customers and developers to collaborate with Trimble for creation of Android-based applications matching their individual. New third-party mobile applications will be available for download from the App Central marketplace on the TMX-2050 display. Users can search and find the apps most useful to their farm operations, language and regional compliance requirements. 

TMX-2050 version 3.0, the latest add to Trimble’s catalogue is an effort to establish wireless connectivity standard on the modern farm. The new TMX-2050 display is to come with a modem enabling wireless data connectivity at the same price to the customer. It also allows wireless data transfer of as-applied maps and other field activities such as planting, spraying or harvesting, simplifying the overall management and transfer of farm data files.

The Version 3.0 comes with 2 third party applications namely: The CoPilot Truck mobile navigation app from ALK Technologies, which provides in-cab turn-by-turn navigation for large and oversize farm vehicles. Also featured is DataVaxt Mobile app, which is available in Swedish and enables compliance with Swedish Department of Agriculture requirements.