Tripwire Expands Endpoint Detection and Response Capabilities for Tripwire Enterprise

By CIOReview | Monday, March 14, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: In a major announcement made today Tripwire, Inc. publicized a range of new proactive endpoint detection and response (EDR) features in its flagship product, Tripwire Enterprise. Tripwire, Inc. is a leading global provider of endpoint protection, security and compliance solutions. The security of endpoints assets on an organization’s network can be discovered and assessed by the new EDR functionality. This enables real-time detection, analysis and response to cyber attacks. Users of Tripwire Enterprise can now automate the remediation of unauthorized file or process changes, which can be the first indications of a compromise. This makes detecting a breach possible for a user after which the attack can be contained and also the next attack of the hacker can be anticipated.

Customers can also respond automatically or manually to emerging threats and malware with the latest features of the tool. Wide range of open source and commercial threat intelligence services powers Tripwire Enterprise to kill a malware which has been placed on assets monitored by it. In cyber security incidents, there is often a gap between knowing there is a problem and knowing what to do about it and the latest updates in the tool make it detect and respond accurately. The automated response capability bridges the gap so incident response personnel can confidently and precisely respond to malicious attacks. A wide variety of scenarios can be remediated by the users with the help of the tool. Thus, attacks can be responded to when they occur without wasting any time.

The Tripwire Enterprise EDR solution improves an organization’s resistance to a cyber attack by enabling them to take pro-active steps, correlate real-time behavior anomalies and policy violations, monitor events to respond quickly and precisely, and enhance collaboration between IT and operational technology (OT) teams.

700 out-of-box profiles and scanning, detection and protection rules have been designed for Tripwire Enterprise to make customers realize immediate value, and help them to stop an attack in progress. Tripwire solutions also simplify the automation of a wide variety of key processes for its customers by integrating with over 70 third-party IT and security solutions. This will also improve the customer organization’s overall IT and security effectiveness.