Trisotech and Fluxicon: Streamlining Extended Process Mining Capabilities

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Trisotech—a Quebec-based firm and a premier provider of digital enterprise solutions—announced that they have formed a partnership with Fluxicon, a Netherlands-based process mining software provider. Fluxicon has been at the forefront in the quickly emerging area of process mining, which delivers insights into operational business processes, identifying process bottlenecks and improving process orchestration, execution and efficiency. 

Smart companies are starting to realize that digital strategies aren’t only about customer engagement; they’re also about unlocking value from existing operational data and systems to improve how knowledge is shared and work is coordinated. The partnership will allow integrating solutions between the two companies which will enable customers to discover, model, analyze, transform and get quick results due to an obsessively streamlined user experience.

“We are excited about the integration that Trisotech has built for our process mining software Disco. Any process map discovered in Disco can be directly imported into the Trisotech BPMN modeler. Customers who want to integrate their discovered process maps into their BPMN documentation environment will love this,” says Dr. Anne Rozinat, Co-founder of Fluxicon.

“It is really exciting for Trisotech to partner with Fluxicon because they are on the leading edge of avant-garde process discovery techniques. The Fluxicon principals have been researching process mining and BPM for years and they are leading experts on this topic.” says Trisotech’s CSO, George Barlow. “Trisotech has directly integrated the import of Fluxicon process findings (Disco Import) into the BPMN modeler component of our Digital Enterprise Suite. This means that organizations can use process mining technology to discover their existing processes and then turn those discoveries into industry-standard BPMN 2.0 diagrams. These BPMN diagrams then automatically become part of the Digital Enterprise Suite where they can be combined with the power of the Discovery Accelerator, Case Management, Decision Management, and the Insight Analyzer all powered by Trisotech’s revolutionary Digital Enterprise Graph.”