Trout Headwaters Hits the Ground for the New Environmental Big Data Tool

By CIOReview | Friday, October 9, 2015

LIVINGSTON, MT: Trout Headwaters, an environmental company specializing in the creation and rehabilitation of streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and wildlife habitat introduces EcoBlu Analyst2.0. The cloud-based Big Data efficiency tool is designed for environmental professionals.

The EcoBlu Analyst team by gathering the scattered and un-relatable data sets from the government assembled them as a deep data bank. The data is incorporated into easy-to-use dashboards which are made accessible on computers, tablets or Smartphones.

Being a state-of-art platform, the solution assembles and constantly updates the important environmental and ecological database delivering a user-friendly cloud-based system.

The EcoBlu Analyst2.0 cuts lowers analysis time drastically by creating custom ‘mash-ups’ using multiple datasets to inform graphs, charts, or maps that demystify the latest market conditions for investors and clients. It helps users to identify environments impacts, tap available offsets and reveals permitting trends.

“Unlike some of the government ecosystem data websites that can be cumbersome and hard to navigate, EcoBlu Analyst is a user-friendly system with a lot of widely-used data in the ecosystem services industry. I like that I can look at so many different environmental data sets without going to different websites,” explains Rich Mogensen, President,  Mogensen Mitigation, a user of EcoBlu Analyst2.0.

By tracking the trends and statistics, the EcoBlu Analyst2.0 facilitates efficient permit, shows ecosystem credits across multiple markets and also aids in learning or analyzing other regulatory pollution-reduction projects.