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TrustArc Introduces GDPR Tool for Data Subject Rights Compliance

By CIOReview | Monday, May 21, 2018

TrustArc has recently launched their data protection tools to comply with the present data privacy rights. This particular tool will help to preserve the data from falling into the wrong hands, thereby protecting the privacy rights and concerns of the users. TrustArc charges privacy compliance along with risk management that is combined with integrated technology, consulting, and trustE certification solution which addresses all the phases of privacy concern management. The company prides itself for its privacy platform that provides a scalable, flexible, and secured way to manage privacy. With the introduction of the new GDPR tool, it maximizes security and continues to deliver the best possible security to its clients all over the globe.

The European Union General Data protection regulation (GDPR) compliance has set a guideline of 25th May, 2018 that makes mandatory for all the businesses that protects the personal data and privacy of the EU residents. This present regulation is said to have far-reaching implication and effects on companies worldwide that will set a strong- common baseline with a cross-border impact.

The EU GDPR brings forth a wide array of privacy concern requirements. By implementing the new set guidelines and compliance roadmap, it will conduct a gap analysis that will require implementing controls, measuring risks, and assigning tasks in a sustainable and consistent manner.

To help its clients, TrustArc has expanded its library of privacy assessments that has launched more than a handful of GDPR assessment templates that are available in the TrustArc platform.

The key benefits of this platform are:

GDPR requirements use data protection that includes Data protection impact assessments, individual rights, legitimate interest, and vendor risks.
• The GDPR assessments tools have been developed by the TrustArc policy experts who have taken expert opinions from the privacy regulators.
• It is charged by intelligent content and uses automatic functionality that facilitates reporting faster and easier with capabilities such as gap analysis, risk calculation, and immediate recommendations.

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