Trustwave Cloud-Based Platform Reinforces Mobile Security; Ensures Regular Compliance Standards

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: In the new era of business where smartphone and tablets have rapidly swept the desktop computers for many business critical functions, Trustwave has also joined the motion by launching Trustwave Secure Mobility Platform, a new cloud-based security platform to help businesses protect and defend their fleets of mobile devices. The platform is designed to help organizations with various aspects of mobile security, from applications to data and all communication in-between.

First of all, businesses can  quickly discover and address security weaknesses and maintain compliance by accelerating the security frame easily with this solution.I It delivers security controls for Android and iOS devices, proactive protection for mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems, anti-virus for Android devices and mobile "health check" visibility through the cloud. For instance, a distributed enterprise that introduces mobile devices into various locations needs to ensure that those devices are being used appropriately and where they are at any time.

"The Trustwave Secure Mobility Platform does not require a team of expensive full-time employees or infrastructure to install, support and maintain mobile security solutions. Our new, cloud-based platform for mobile security is supported by our experienced team of managed security services experts across our global security operations centers who can install, monitor, update and manage businesses' mobile security controls" says John Amaral, Senior VP, Product and Management, Trustwave.

The security platform offers a range of features such as; introduction of proactive protection for mobile POS systems. It helps organizations safegaurd against fraudulent use of the mobile POS devices by alerting the users in case of tampering with the applications on the device. Secondly, it executes anti-virus protection for android devices by performing a way to scan applications before the installation to detect malware and also the installed applications for presence of any malware. It also scans the attachments in emails, and downloads from the web browser. Lastly, the software package conducts security and compliance “health checks” and reports that information back through the cloud to the Trustwave TrustKeeper portal.

The platform further plans to feature integration with Trustwave's anti-malware service to protect mobile devices from advanced malware attacks. It will also feature two-factor authentication, enforcement of device policies such as the required use of a passcode and virtual private networks, the ability to send alerts after a device travels beyond a specific location and other capabilities.

The enhanced program complements Trustwave's existing security services for mobile endpoints which include mobile application penetration testing delivered by the elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team as well as other services for mobile security.