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Trustwave Introduces New Enterprise Database Security Platform DbProtect

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 2, 2019

As businesses continue to expand globally, maintaining data visibility becomes an elephantine task. To keep pace with the evolving business landscape, Trustwave has launched its new database security scanning and testing software—Trustwave DbProtect— to better protect sensitive data assets hosted by major cloud service providers or on-site from advanced threats, configuration errors, access control issues, unauthorized privilege escalation, missing patches and many more.

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Trustwave DbProtect is a comprehensive database security platform that provides real-time visibility and security to data resided across an organization’s entire footprint regardless of the environment the data traverses or resides. The software offers robust compliance management capabilities with continuous monitoring of unusual data behaviors or policy violations.

Trustwave DbProtect can protect big data stores across significant cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, GovCloud, Amazon Relational Database Service, FedCloud and others. It also can quickly identify all databases and associated objects, users, and security features across firms and a unique agentless scanning that eliminates the need for scanner installation on each database.

The platform Identifies data leakage, misconfigurations, access control issues, missing patches, and unauthorized data modifications that put organizations at risk. It gives a clear picture of the status of data security and compliance efforts of an organization at any point of time and alerts IT and security teams on violations. An in-depth analysis and ranking depending on the severity of each instance will allow teams to prioritize and take appropriate corrective actions.

Trustwave DbProtect delivers a single consolidated view of threats, vulnerabilities and compliance endeavors across the data environment. Administrators can drill down a detailed picture of the individual database or group of databases through analytics.

The platform currently protects more than half a million databases in firms ranging from medium to large sized enterprises and government institutions.

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