TRX Systems Unveils its NEON Signal Mapper for 3D Indoor Tracking

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

GREENBELT, MD: With the release of NEON Signal Mapper, TRX Systems provides a new software application to deliver real time 3D location for indoor test and measurement where GPS is unavailable. Targeting test and measurement suppliers, wireless carriers, Wi-Fi deployment companies and engineering firms, the NEON Signal Mapper delivers 3D visualization and mapping of LTE, LMR, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data.

"NEON Signal Mapper was designed to simplify the task of signal mapping indoors by eliminating some of the error-prone manual processes used when collecting indoor signal data today," says Carol Politi, CEO, TRX Systems.

The NEON Signal Mapper provides Android user interface, allowing users to initialize their location, start/ stop mapping and load the mapping data to cloud. Users can simply commence their starting locations in the Mapper and start walking around the building following which the time stamped location data is generated and synchronized with signal data. After the data is collected, it is uploaded to the cloud. The NEON command Software enables creation and visualization of 3D building maps and provides centralized access to NEON Cloud Services.

Additionally, the NEON Signal Mapper facilitates the integration of real time location information and existing test and measurement equipment through an API. Moreover, it allows users to create geo referenced 3D building maps, track user location in 3D, log user position, retrieve logs and export for processing, and display log information on 3D maps.