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Turning Technology into a Business Boost

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It is essential for retailers to reach out technologies for help, which can turn information into practices that fuel businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience maps a brand to a much larger number of visitors into regulars. To stay relevant to customers, retailers combine the convenience and efficiency associated with online shopping with the benefits and experience of in-store shopping. By coupling them, brands can meet the needs of modern connected consumers and deliver a new, connected experience.

Advanced technologies can provide retailers with data on overall customer servicing and individual associate performance. This data can help managers track and analyze the efficiency of the service and develop ways to maintain or enhance associate staffing, timeliness, and efficiency. Similar to e-commerce, the ability to gather data on store operations is the primary step to create opportunities to optimize the customer experience, enhance capabilities, and drive more sales.

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Empowering store associates with mobile technology enables instant visibility into the entire product assortment and inventory. Instant visibility is something that customers have become accustomed to online and expects the same in-store. Mobilizing a brand’s sales force with digital technology allows the consumer to get what they want. Empowered associates can provide faster and more valuable services to customers in-store and increase the value of that physical retail experience to customers.

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Retailers can also provide timely product recommendations with the help of technologies, based on what the shopper has in-hand or has asked to look up for. A digitally connected store can provide intelligent, personalized product recommendations to engage better, inform, and support customers. It also allows store associates to have more information on the products and access to reviews. These capabilities enable the store to become an active part of the customer’s shopping experience.  Also, offering an immediate option to have items delivered directly to the shoppers’ home generates transactions that may be lost due to lack of stock in that location.