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Turnkey Solutions Unveils New Salesforce Scriptless Automated Testing Accelerator

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2016
Daniel Gannon, President and CEO, Turnkey Solutions

Daniel Gannon, President and CEO, Turnkey Solutions

DENVER, CO: TurnKey Solutions, a provider of scriptless test automation software has launched Salesforce Accelerator, a quick and easy method for testing and deploying frequent changes and upgrades to the Salesforce Sales Cloud enterprise platform.

TurnKey Solutions develops, trains, and offers implementation support for scriptless test automation software through a combination of adaptive, agile technologies, and expertise in managing independent application tests, and streamlining end-to-end business flows. “We offer a very continuous process where automated testing is always consistent with the latest updates,” states Daniel Gannon, President and CEO, Turnkey Solutions. “The software helps businesses stay compatible with their applications regardless of the complexity.” With its broad range of solutions aimed at specific platforms—like HP, Oracle, and Salesforce—Turnkey Solutions eliminates the time and effort typically required for manual testing processes.

TurnKey’s Salesforce Accelerator works hand-in-hand with the cFactory Scriptless Testing product, and presents an array of predefined content for automated testing. The accelerator platform eliminates manpower spent on developing comprehensive lines of code to spot out testable objects and execute sufficient testing strategies that realigns along with changing times and technology. The Turnkey software package consists of a set of pre-built components, sample test cases, extensibility, a rules base, and keyword library.

With Salesforce being one of the most widely adopted customer success platforms, the Salesforce Accelerator allows rapid testing of critical business processes efficiently, which means enterprises can deploy the Salesforce packaged application faster and derive ROI quickly. Gannon adds that TurnKey’s Accelerators can cut testing time by a close 75 percent for such packaged applications, which is a significant figure for enterprises. At the intersection of an expertise in test automation, and Salesforce, Becky Karch, VP of Customer Success, TurnKey Solutions, says that the automation-testing platform is attuned to all upgrades and changes from Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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