Two Factors That Boost Leadership Development In An Organization
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Two Factors That Boost Leadership Development In An Organization

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Leaders must think beyond the products that they want to provide while focusing on the needs of the customers.

FREMONT, CA: Effective leadership will dictate the distinction between failure and success during a transformation effort. However, the rapid transformation of technology and markets left behind the organizations in a dilemma. Businesses should think beyond the merchandise that they want to supply. They must specialize in solutions that answer the wants of consumers.

Two factors that can boost the leadership development in an organization are:

1. Leadership Competencies of the future

Amidst the chaos and volatility characterizing the business world, leaders got to draft a transparent direction and purpose for each individual within the organization. Innovation is a clear differentiator for many companies nowadays. The second key competency of leadership is to guide from the front and generate outcomes. The speed at which new challenges arise holds leaders more accountable. The most effective leaders even join their team in trenches to unravel bottlenecks outside as well as inside the organization resulting in positive aftermaths.

Securing talent pipeline is the third key imperative to leadership. A talent management development plan should build individuals responsive to their performance and the alignment of their values to that of the company. Companies face challenges from leading start-ups and digital innovators like Facebook, Google, Uber, and other disruptive businesses in hiring tech-savvy millennial. Talents are increasingly getting interested in a company’s values and employment brand. Leaders are needed to be more innovative regarding communicating their value proposition to talents and employees. They have to be more responsive to how their companies fare on social media platforms wherever the current generation decides which firm and career they're going to pursue.Top Workforce Management Solution Companies

The fourth leadership skill is the alignment between an organization and that of a leader’s personal values. It’s an important facet as once the leader does not reflect the values or culture that he expects from his organization and it is unlikely that the subordinates will respect them. However, here are the six major themes that have arisen amidst the latest industrial revolution.

 2. New Technologies

New technologies have resulted in unique client expectations and segments, and competitors. Instead of eyeing technology as a threat to individual jobs, the focus should be on its potential to boost business and create new skills and roles for the individuals. For instance, big data is allowing the agriculture industry to increase efficiencies and scale back costs for distributors from tailoring and mix products to farmer's needs in accordance with crop season.

With connected technology piece, businesses can hire talent for roles that didn’t exist five years ago. Such nature of work can incessantly evolve as a lot of aspects of industry become digitized. With formal education providers evolving slowly, companies are required to take an active role in upgrading employees for brand new roles.

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