Two Roads Announces the Release of Communication Monitoring Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Two Roads, a data analytics startup has announced the release of its corporate communication monitoring application, OBSERV which will also be available in the Google Apps Marketplace.

A turnkey solution, OBSERV can identify potential risks within an organization’s electronic communication network and the compliance teams with monitoring capabilities. The features of OBSERV include a default feature that understands communication within its context while monitoring and notifying users in real time about the risks based on pre-trained policies.

“With so many companies facing risks associated with their communications, be it an HR violation such as discrimination, or a regulatory issue such as those that occur in the highly regulated financial industry, we are thrilled to now offer this powerful tool to assist organizations in getting ahead of these issues so they can be dealt with before they become a real risk,” states Chris Tambos, CEO, Two Roads. OBSERV is a plug-and-play solution that starts functioning as soon as it is installed, providing contextual analysis and customization options that ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

OBSERV has the capability to integrate all the communication channels within an organization that include email, social media, mobile messaging, and instant messages. The integrated reviewing process offered by the tool ensures that all the communication channels are visible on a single platform. Two Roads’ high performance data analytics platform allows OBSERV to analyze communications within its context to return results that have much superior accuracy rates when compared to the usual keyword and lexicon applications.

With options to create and train multiple policies, OBSERV offers its clients with features that allow their compliance team with the necessary aids to safeguard their organization.