Tx3 Helios Gives a Fitting Reply with GxP Application in the Life science Arena

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Contour Data solutions have entered into a partnership deal with Tx3 Services for distributing its Tx3 Helios solution.  The solution has been developed to provide a qualified platform as a service that fulfils the regulatory compliance requirements of life sciences Industries.

Backed by extended edge methodology, Tx3 Services is a life science industry specific  solutions that enable companies to meet the regulatory requirements cost effectively and more efficiently. Tx3 Services offers five mode of solutions such as Tx3 VERA, Avnet QC eApprove, Assure TotalView, Archive Manager and TX3 Helios.

The first offered solution by the company expands the automated testing tools potentials. Its features include dynamic approval workflow, email notifications for individual approval tasks, risk assessment functionality and also GxP and non-GxP workflow. Avnet QC eApprove provides controlled workflow and enables the use of HP Quality Centre in compliance with 21 CER part 11. Assure TotalView is a most important analytics solution for application delivery. The solution is capable to collect relevant data from all of the operational tools including team’s application delivery process. The fourth solution is known as Archive Manage, exhibiting the importance of data retention for regulatory compliance and also offers the best-in-class ways to store and access HP Application Lifestyle Management (ALM) projects and data. Whereas its Tx3 Helios solution offers an integrated platform that designed to focus on complete that target of life science organization’s regulatory compliance requirement.

The seamless offerings of Tx3 Helios helps life sciences firms to deploy regulated / GxP applications through hosted services that owns the infrastructure, software, database and supporting procedures.  Its standardized and repeatable process eliminates risks and delivering necessary controls for the continuation of a validated cloud solution.  The solution endows a replicated and configured process that easily leads organizations to meet their GxP application requirements.  The highlighting features of Tx3 Helios provide customers 24/7 availability with extended expert supports.  It secures communication and offers identity management services with the offerings of scheduled maintenance.  The data backup and retention have been attached with the solution including the disaster recovery process. The solution concludes its offerings by service monitoring functions.