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Tyfone Facilitates Internet of Things Challenge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Tyfone, a company offering digital and cyber security solutions for transactions and identity has launched its IoT Security Challenge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The contest was organized with full support of MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program and was focused to offer the MIT students with Tyfone's cyber security technology.  The technology can be utilized effectively to tackle the vulnerabilities involved in Internet enabled devices for commercial and industrial internet. Main motive of the challenge was to offer the students an opportunity to create productive and innovative solutions for internet based devices using the company's digital and cyber security technology.

"Software-only approaches, with passwords, cryptography keys and data all centralized in the cloud, have proven to be an ineffective security method. Tyfone's patented solutions allow the highest levels of security by taking a decentralized approach, with a unique blend of software and hardware" states Dr. Siva G. Narendra, CEO, Tyfone.

The Tyfone IoT Security Challenge conducted at MIT allowed the student contestants to apply the firm's security technology in IoT devices for commercial and industrial applications on internet. Students prepared their proposals over the past several weeks and only five teams were selected to participate as finalists in the challenge. The finalist teams competed against each other, aiming to win cash awards up to $10,000, improve their projects and attend a technology workshop at MIT. After a rigorous and detailed evaluation process, winners of the contest were announced at the award and presentation event held at the MIT.

"Mobile devices and the IoT are simultaneously expanding the threat-surface and exposing security vulnerabilities in connected technologies we have come to rely on. The problem is worsening with hundreds of billions of IoT devices that are getting connected to the Internet," adds Narendra.