Tyton Collaborates with DEINOVE to Produce Green Chemical Compounds

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DANVILLE, VA: Tyton BioEnergy Systems, an agricultural biotech company with unique tobacco technology, has collaborated with DEINOVE- a biotech company.

Under this collaboration, Tyton is integrating its energy tobacco feedstock, process and production infrastructure with DEINOVE’s Deino-based fermentation solutions to produce green chemical compounds of high commercial value. Tyton’s BioEnergy Systems, the science and technology partner of Tyton NC Biofuels, has developed a unique energy tobacco that acts as a highly efficient source of plant sugars and oils for the production of biofuels. This energy tobacco can produce up to three times the amount of ethanol per acre as corn and three times the oil per acre as soy. When combined with a patent-pending mining process, energy tobacco can unlock remarkable value for biofuel producers. Also, its platform achieves relevant environmental improvements through superior crop production techniques and clean, fast industrial processing.

At present, DEINOVE’s CBP (Consolidated BioProcessing) are optimized on a variety of sugar sources, such as wheat, corn and urban waste, and they can flexibly utilize simple, starch or cellulosic sugars. But with this integration, the energy tobacco crop by Tyton offers a persuasive opportunity to expand applications for Deinoccus and help both companies to explore several renewable chemical options for commercialization.

“Deinove and Tyton have decided to combine their respective strengths for the targeted production of high value-added molecules from an innovative raw material: energy tobacco. The technologies are highly complementary. Tyton brings an innovative raw material that removes many of the sticking points in green chemistry’s value chain, along with access to a high-level industrial fermentation infrastructure. Deinove focuses on designing cost-saving, high-temperature custom fermentation solutions. Together, we can assemble the most competitive process offering, from a techno- economic point of view,” says Nagib Ward, Executive VP, Business Development, DEINOVE.