UAV Turbines to Display Its Fully Integrated Gas Turbine Engine System for Next-Generation UAV Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, July 6, 2015

FREMONT, CA: UAV Turbine (UAVT), a developer of next generation of engines for unmanned aircraft, announced that it will select companies and demonstrate it’s fully Integrated Gas Turbine Engine System, ‘Engine-in-a-Box’ for Next-Generation UAV propulsion technology.

Engine-in-a-Box includes: small engine, filters, a 3kW generator, control system, display, and gas tank. The technology of a family gas turbine engines power ranges from 20hp to 150hp, made for propulsion of Group 3 and Group 4 unmanned aerial vehicles.  

Advantages of Engine-in-a-Box turbo generator: power available for use when the engine cranks up to 197,000 rpm, a light on a display turns green, automatically adjust operation to achieve minimal fuel consumption, maximum power response, can be switched off and restarted remotely at altitude, test bed for different system configuration and effective demonstrator for key features of the technology. 

"This is an 'intelligent' system. Gas turbine engines in UAVs have been complicated to operate, as temperatures and pressures change, and different performance is required under changing conditions. All of UAVT's engines start with the touch of a button, and following steps are choreographed by the electronic brain of the control system, guided by input from sensors,” said Fred Frigerio, Engineering Manager.