Ubiquiti Unveils sunMAX for Hassle-free Solar Deployments
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Ubiquiti Unveils sunMAX for Hassle-free Solar Deployments

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: In order to resolve the issues of solar deployments, Ubiquiti has introduced a solar solution called sunMAX that enables contractors to sell and design systems with remote monitoring capabilities. The new solution will open the doors of the solar energy market for independent contractors across the globe.

The complete solution consists of a hardware and a software. sunMAX hardware is designed to use microinverters on each solar panel to maximize output of individual panels. It includes features like AC cabling with built in connectors to plug one panel with the next; railless mounting system that clamps directly onto roof mounts without any installations; wireless monitoring gateway that enables wireless communication of each panel to the sunMAX software and an integrated equipment kit.

On the other hand, sunMAX software can monitor the status and performance of every panel in the solar system, panel after panel. In addition, sunMAX solar solution provides a rapid system provisioning by scanning QR codes with mobile devices. Its solar energy simulator, sunLINK allows installers to design, plan and price systems online with the ability of project assignment and customer information management.

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