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UK Tech Startup EWO Reveals its First Real Estate Crypto Reward System

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2020

UK tech startup EWO place has revealed the first real estate crypto reward system that has been designed around the concept of blockchain's staking

FREMONT, CA: UK tech startup EWO place has revealed its first real estate crypto reward system. It has been designed around the concept of blockchain's staking, EWO will reward property subscribers while they make rents reasonable for the local community.

EWO Place functions as a virtual real estate club, and it offers the members the chance to earn rewards when they subscribe to the EWO owned properties in different locations all over the world.

Every week, the members will notify the crypto rewards that have been taken from the net profit of EWO's lettings portfolio. The process will provide the members with incentives and permit the local communities to access good quality lodging at better prices.

Constructed on the Ethereum blockchain and designed to be used within the platform, EWO's native cryptocurrency, the EWO token works with a wide range of third-party services and apps, like wallets and exchanges and it can also be operated with cash or other crypto assets. Compared with other crypto staking platforms, the EWO is different because it utilizes its private property's income to distribute the token rewards.

The solution will be an advantage for the members, and it also permits the socially conscious startup so that they can list the properties at below-average rental prices for the area. It will be an immense help for the ones that are facing difficulties in offering quality and reasonable accommodation since it is something that has less supply.

Richard Mathieson, Co-Founder of EWO place, said, "It's no secret that homeownership has become increasingly difficult. While this happens, tenants suffer ever-growing rents under punishing terms making the whole process unfair." He added, "EWO lets you earn from properties you don't own, while helping people you don't know, so it feels great to be giving something back to our local communities while helping people earn crypto from the property market."